Into the nerd

My name is Valerie! My husband and I live in the High Five State (Michigan)!  
We have been together now for almost 8 years and married 2 years.

We are expecting our first little Nooblet in the form of a baby girl due on 9/25/13!
Update She has arrived! and is growing at an ever alarming rate!  She is now munching on people food. below is her first tastes of avocado! 

We have two spoiled rotten dogs who are the Princess's of our home.
AKA Proctector and hyper.  Pagan is best described as "trying to nail Jell-O to the wall" She is always ready to play and she loves her bones (evidence in picture) And though most of the time she acts like a 5 year old on a major sugar high, she is the best snuggler around.

And her "big little sister", Ellwyn
AKA Wookiee.  When she gets really feisty or wants attention or food, she will sit up and make these crazy noises that sound like Chewbacca! So we call her Wookiee.  If I can ever get a really good video of her doing it, I will share.  She always makes us laugh.  She is one of the sweetest dogs, unless it's dark, then she is scared of her own shadow.  
Besides my little family I love all things Harry Potter, Firefly/Serenity is a close second though.  But definitely enjoy many more things, Lord of the Rings, The IT Crowd, Black Books, Warehouse 13, Merlin, The Guild, ooh the list goes on!  Most recently we have become addicted to Doctor Who!  WHY did we not watch this sooner?!  Every year, the day after Comic Con I start the countdown 'til next year.  We have been to Wizard Worlds Chicago Comic Con twice now, looking forward to a third this next year and hoping to make it to San Diego the year after! Such a blast, hard to describe if you have never been!  
I wasn't always the cook I am now.  I got here through trying a lot of different recipes, asking for advice, watching others and quite a few mistakes.  When we first moved in together he got his choice of tuna or hamburger helper.  But he survived and encouraged me, showed me what he had learned growing up from his mom who is a wonderful cook!  I think it was worth the "helper" torture for what I feed him regularly now! hahaha  It really still is a lot of trial and error.  I am always looking for improvements on this or that and a lot of the recipes I start with are from Pinterest.  I have a hard time keeping to many recipes though, I follow my instincts and usually end up with something yummy.  Feel free to share your tips, tricks, ideas and what else you would like to see from me!  I love suggestions and challenges!  Please feel free to contact me here, I would love to hear from you!      

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